Grade 4 field trip Glenbow Museum On April 17, the grade 4 classes enjoyed a fun-filled day of discovery at the Glenbow Museum. Through our guide, Sheldon we learned about the language and stories of the Blackfoot People. In the second program, students developed skills of critical and creative thinking and showed decision making, problem solving, cooperation, and consensus building by creating their own civilization based on artefacts. It was a great day of hands on learning. Thanks to our many parent volunteers!

Scientist in the school

Scientist in the School:Simple Machines February 1, 2019
Grade 4 students and parent volunteers learned about simple machines with hands on activities brought to the school by Scientist in the School.
The morning was filled with fun stations that taught students about the different kinds of gears, levers, and pulleys.They learned first hand how each of these machines can give a mechanical advantage and be used for a variety of jobs. They also learned about the definition of work and how gear trains can be used.

November 12, 2018
On Friday, November 9, grade 4 Rossouw and their grade 2-1 Wilson buddy class led the school to celebrate the Remembrance Day Civil Service and Liturgy. The two classes practiced reading, singing and carrying the flags and wreath in the procession. Thanks to all the readers, processors and tech crew for a beautiful celebration!

Growing Bean Plants

October 23, 2018

As part of our science unit we are learning how plants reproduce. We studied the parts of the flower and learned that pollination makes the flower produce seeds. Now the students are going to germinate bean seeds and observe as they sprout roots and leaves. 

September 29, 2018
In these last few weeks students have been learning about plants and their uses. We sorted pictures of different plant parts and will be studying their functions in the plant. 

This Wednesday students enjoyed learning about the virtue of Prudence. Sister Madeleine Gregg told stories and lead the students in song to explain what prudence means.
After our Terry Fox Run students posed on our new playground.

Terry Fox Run

On Wednesday September 19th, students, teachers and parent volunteers participated in the annual Terry Fox run to raise money for cancer research.
Our grade 4 class joined up with our grade 2/1 buddy class to run around the soccer field. We had a great time getting exercise in the fresh air and spending time with our buddies.

Wheels in Motion -Grade 4 science presentation

On Thursday, December 14, Grade 4 students enjoyed a fun hands-on learning experience with Scientist Jill called "Wheels in Motion".
They learned about simple machines such as levers, pulleys, different types of gears and how gears are used in a mousetrap car. At each station, parent volunteers led the students through building and experimenting with Pulleys, levers, gears and a mousetrap car.